Instructions for Reporting an Issue

The first step to resolving any situation is to clearly communicate the context for which the conflict exists. All students who are seeking support are encouraged (not mandated) to provide a written summary of the matter of concern. This form is provided to allow you to do just that! 

To report an issue:


  1. Click here.
  2. Spell your name as it appears in Owl Express.
  3. List the email address that you are likely to check frequently.
  4. List the phone number of the person submitting the report.
  5. Select “Office of Student Advocacy” under “Report Type”.
  6. Under “Advocacy Need”, press the “Add” button and make the selection(s) that best describe your situation.
  7. The section of the form titled “Descriptive Information” is your opportunity to provide a detailed narrative of your concern. Bullet point and/or chronologically listed narrative of relevant events is easiest to follow and helps to clarify the context for your concern.
  8. Attach any supporting documentation that will add context to your concern.   

Once a report has been submitted, please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your concern.