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KSU presents: The inauguration of OWL Creed Week

On Jan. 28, 1998, members of the Kennesaw State Student Human Task Force led by KSU alumna Michelle Wise established a document of beliefs that brought forth the value of commitment to student relationships in a transition to a more diverse campus community.

This document was created with the intent of connecting the KSU community and encouraging unity for current and future KSU students.

This document is composed of five tenets and has historically been referred to as the Matriculation Pledge. That document is known today as the Owl Creed.

“There is a personal aspect to conceiving and expressing values and beliefs that will benefit the student body,” said Nicole Phillips, associate director of student advocacy. “The acknowledgment and reference to these values demonstrate commitment to sustaining a healthy relationship, one that could last a lifetime, hence the reason to acknowledge and include KSU alumni.”

Moving forward to the present, the 20th anniversary of these historic ideals will mark the date for the first annual Creed Week, a commemoration and celebration of its drafting.

The week-long celebration — Jan. 28 thru Feb. 3 — will allow the KSU community to learn and apply the five tenants of the creed in nearly 30 programs that span across both the Marietta and Kennesaw campuses.

Owl Creed Week is the only event of its kind offered under the University System of Georgia. It involves 24 campus offices and departments across the university and is hosted by the Office of Student Advocacy in cooperation with University Events.

These events host a variety of activities, including a cooking demonstration, workshops to define identify, the democracy wall, Speak Up conversations with the Student Government Association and more. All students are welcome to organize and suggest events for Owl Creed Week and can draw ideas from schools such as Auburn University, the University of South Carolina and the University of Mississippi.

One event organized directly by the Office of Student Advocacy includes the Owl Creed Week Competition, a virtual activity that allows students to apply knowledge of the Owl Creed in the form of artistic expression — song, poetry, story, etc. — for an award presented at a KSU basketball game during halftime.

Other events include the “Your KSU/MY KSU” Creek Week Opening Event on Monday, Jan. 29, from 3-5 p.m. in the Kennesaw campus university rooms and the PJ’s for Peace Rally on Thursday, Feb. 1, from 5-8 p.m. in the university rooms.

Owl Creed Week is a brand-new event, and it is up to the KSU community to come together and make it sustainable for years to come. Students are also encouraged to help spread the word using word of mouth, social media and participation in events.

“Without a set of core values, there is no possibility of meaningful community relationships,” Phillips said. “I hope by highlighting the Owl Creed, we can continue to progress towards establishing campus-wide relationships, where members of the community feel respected, valued and successful.”

Students and organizations can get involved by visiting to volunteer for staffing major events and assisting participating students. Students can also find out more information about Owl Creed week and view the full schedule at

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