Mark your calendars for the first ever Kennesaw State Owl Creed Week, to take place from Sunday, January 28 to Saturday, February, 3, 2018!

Student Advocacy, in the Division of Student Affairs, coodinating the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the drafting of the Kennesaw State Owl Creed.

This week-long celebration will provide the KSU community with opportunities to better understand and apply  one or more of the five action-oriented tenets of the Kennesaw State Owl Creed:

  • Personal and Academic Excellence
  • Respect for Others
  • Encourage Unity
  • Remain Faithful to Ideas/Determine Threatening Behavior
  • Develop an Academic and Social Community That is Civilized, Rewarding, and Dynamic

2018 Owl Creed Week Contributors

  • Academic Advising Centers 
  • Adult & Commuter Student Affairs
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Audio Visual Technology Services (AVTS)
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion
  • CARE Center
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Center for Student Leadership
  • Center for Young Adult Addiction & Recovery
  • KSU Library
  • KSU Marietta Student Affairs
  • Health Promotion & Wellness
  • Housing & Residence Life
  • Multicultural Student Programs
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Programs
  • Student Activities Budget Allocation Committee (SABAC)
  • Student Conduct & Academic Integrity
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Student Engagement
  • University Events
  • Women's Resource Center

Creed Week Competition

Student Advocacy invites all KSU students are invited to participate in this virtual activity! Show us how yo have come to understand and apply your knowledge of the one or more of the Owl Creed Tenets to your everyday life! We are looking for submissions in the form of either Written/Audio (song, poetry, story) or Movement/Visual (video, skit, or dance) expressions.

Winners of this competition will receive an award and be recognized at the KSU Women’s or Men’s Basketball game on Saturday, February 3rd, during halftime.

Competition Rules

1.     Student Advocacy will begin accepting submissions at 9:00 am on January 22nd, and will begin posting submissions to the @ksuadvocacy Instagram page from Monday, January 29th through 5:00 pm on January 31st. Any submissions received after the deadline may be posted to honor expression student’s creative expression, but will not be eligible for award consideration.

2.     The voting period for Creed Week competition is Monday, January 29th through 11:00 pm on Thursday, February 1st.

3.     All submissions must be received via email to Student Advocacy at to be reviewed for eligibility. Once received, submissions will be reviewed for time length, content, appropriateness, and relevancy to the Creed tenet(s) they were created to reflect.

4.     Once approved, submissions will be posted during the aforementioned dates on the @ksuadvoacy Instagram for voting consideration, between the aforementioned dates.

5.     All art pieces submitted must be appropriate to post on Instagram and other forms of social media. Submissions that have cursing, nudity, illegal activity, malicious behavior, or behavior that reflect negatively on the institutional mission and values of KSU will not be considered or posted.

6.     Video submissions cannot exceed one (1) minute or sixty (60) seconds in recorded length.

7.     Eligible submissions must be based on one or more tenets of the Kennesaw State Owl Creed.

8.     One submission should not exceed three (3) collaborating contributors. 

9.     One (1) winner will be selected for each of the two categories, Written/Audio and Movement/Visual. 

10.   Winners in each category will be determined by the amount of ‘likes’ per post. In the event of a tie, the posts with the most likes will be screened and viewed by the CivOWLity council, who will determine the final winners of the event.

11.   Competition winners will be announced and recognized on February 3rd during either the Men’s or Women’s Basketball half-time.

12.  By submitting your art piece to KSU Student Advocacy, you are giving the department full rights to display your work on our website and social media outlets

Participant Instructions

1.     Read the Kennesaw State Owl Creed.

2.     Create an artistic piece from any of the two categories:

Category 1: Written/Audio

  • Song
  • Poetry
  • Short Essay (or story)

Category 2: Movement/Visual

  • Skit/Video
  • Dance
  • Painting/ Drawing
  • Photography

3.     Record or photograph your piece. Recorded materials should NOT exceed one (1) minute in length.

4.     Email your file to, no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Your submission email should include:

  • First and Last name of the submitting parties
  • Attached art piece
  • KSU ID
  • Reliable phone number
  • Email address were you can be reached.
  • Listing of the tenet(s) highlighted in your piece

5.     You will be notified if and when your submission is accepted. Once it is accepted, look out for your submission to be posted on our Instragram page (@ksuadvocacy).

6.     Encourage as many people as you know to like your submission!

7.     If your submission is selected as a winner in either category, you will be asked to attend the KSU Women’s or Men’s Basketball game on Saturday, February 3rd, where you will be recognized during halftime.


Please contact us at for further details.